Klipstoor – The Stonebarn

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Discover the charm of Klipstoor – The Stonebarn, where tradition meets comfort in the heart of nature. Perfect for groups seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation, this unique accommodation offers an authentic mountain experience, enveloped by the vibrant hues of proteas and fynbos.

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Boesmanskloof, Klipstoor – The Stonebarn stands as a testament to rustic elegance and communal harmony. Designed to accommodate from 7 to 10 guests in each of its 4 units, with a total capacity for 32 people, this accommodation is ideal for large gatherings, from family reunions to group retreats. Each unit within the Stonebarn is thoughtfully equipped with essential amenities, including a fully fitted kitchen, sanitary facilities, and cozy living spaces, ensuring your stay is both comfortable and memorable. The charm of Klipstoor extends beyond its walls, offering guests the opportunity to explore the surrounding beauty of a working farm, engage in hikes along the Boesmanskloof trail, or simply unwind in the tranquility of mountain scenery. Embrace the unique character of The Stonebarn, where every moment is an invitation to connect with nature and each other.

Stonebarn Unit #4

Stonebarn Unit #5

Stonebarn Unit #6 and #7

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